Wearing Garlands Of Rudraksha And Tulsi Are Beneficial


The scientific belief behind wearing garlands of divine medicines like Rudraksh, Tulsi etc is that the chanting of mantras using lip and tongue makes the throat arteries work more than usual. Due to this, there is a possibility of diseases like scrofula, goiter etc. Rudraksh and Tulsi garlands are worn in the neck to protect them. Rudraksh’s beads are made from one to fourteen-odd rudrakshs. The law is to wear a garland of 26 granules on the head, of 50 in the neck, of 16 in the arms and of 12 on the wrist. Wearing a garland of 108 granules gives the result of Ashwamedh Yagya. Scriptures like padmapuran, shivmahapuran etc. recognizes that the person who wears this will get Shiv’s world. It is said in Shivapurana that “yatha ch drshyate loke rudraaksh: phalad: shubh:.na tatha drshyante anya ch maalika parameshvari”. Like rudraksha maala, no other maala can give the best and auspicious result.

It is written in Shrimad Devi Bhagwat that, “rudraaksh dhaaranachch shreshth na kichadapi vidyate.vishv mein rudraaksh dhaaran se badhakar koee doosaree cheej nahin hai”.

There is nothing worth more than wearing rudraksh in the whole world. Those who wear rudraksh maala with great reverence can attain spiritual advancement easily. Get relief from worldly obstacles and sorrows. Mind and heart get more strength. Blood pressure is controlled. Spirits, ghosts etc moves away. Gets mental peace. Heat and cold diseases won’t affect. Therefore, Indians have unlimited reverence towards this beneficial and sacred rudraksha maala. Tulsi has very religious significance in Hindu culture. It has an electric power. The person wearing this power will get charm and captivating power. His success, fame and good luck increases. Wearing tulsi garland also benefits in fever, colds, headaches, skin diseases etc. There is a religious faith that contagious diseases and premature death will also not occur. According to shalgram puran, the presence of tulsi maala on the body while eating food gives good luck equivalent to so many yagnas. The one who wears tulsi maala while bathing, gets the virtue of bathing in all the rivers.


Hypnosis is India’s oldest and best education. Hypnosis has been known since ancient times in the name of ‘PranVidya’ or ‘TrikalVidya’. Some people call it Mohini and Vashikaran Vidya too. In English, it is called hypnotism. Hypnotism is the only correct form of mesmerism. Greek language is made of hypnose, hypnotism, which means sleep. The word ‘hypnosis’ is more comprehensive and subtle than ‘hypnotism’.

Earlier this method was used by saints to attain accomplishments and salvation. When this discipline got into the wrong hands, they adopted the ways of black magic and control people through it. In the medieval period, the horrible form of this Vidya was found. Then this knowledge was lost.

In the modern era, the western world focused on the hypnotism knowledge of India in the 18th century. The first credit for India’s mysterious wisdom to be categorized as semi-science goes to the Austrian French mesmer. Later, in the 19th century Dr. James Bread improved the experiments of Mesmer and gave it a new name ‘Hypnotism’.

This education was used by Christian missionaries to spread Christianity and they are still doing this. They are successful in giving people suggestions and instructions to believe that Christianity is the best religion. Through this, they treat poor people in poor locality, by associating them with the miracles of Jesus. They hypnotize the people through this method, after gathering them in a place.

What is Mesmerism: Western Doctor Friedrich Anton Mesmer freed many people from diseases while presenting the theory of ‘Animal Magnetism’. Their experiments are called mesmerism. Investigations on the experiments of mesmerism and it was later banned by being considered dangerous. In 1841, the credit goes to Dr. James Bread for improving the experiments of Mesmerism and explaining the implied scientific facts and converting it into hypnoticism.



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