Kundli and Future

What Is Kundli And How We Can Know Our Future


Kundli known as birth chart which make by some people known as Astrologers by the calculation of planets and stars. There are 12 houses in kundli which describe all about of a person like Career, Education, Children, Marriage, Health and more. A normal person can’t read any kundli only astrologers can predict future of a person because they know all about planets and stars which present in a birth chart.
There are many questions in our mind and we always looking for their solutions:

  • When I will get married.
  • When I will get a good job.
  • Why I am ill for a long time.
  • How can I know about my education?
  • Is my marriage will be love or arrange.
  • Is I am able to go abroad.

These are very common questions and we always think about them. With the help of kundli we can get our solution easily but we need to have out Birth Date, Time and Birth Place to know about our life. If we have our birth details then it is easy know about future but if we don’t have our birth details then we need to consult astrologers. They have some other way than birth details to know a person future.

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