You Can Also Find The Power To Know The Future


1. An event

Imagine that suddenly you got a call, from the other side of the phone comes a voice of a woman who is congratulating you for you has been shortlisted on the company in which you applied for a job. It is obvious that you will be extremely happy.

2. Joy with Anxiety Also

But at the same time, the lady said that you have to come for an interview within the next two hours, but you are not ready for it at all. In the interview, a variety of questions will be asked and their answers you did not even prepare. Still, you keep the phone saying ‘ yes ‘ to go.

3. Voice of the Inner Mind

Your mind starts to have all sorts of worries as you keep the phone. The worry about how successful the interview will be, is eating you from inside. Then your mother’s phone comes. With your sad voice on the phone itseld, she recognises your worries and asks the reason.

4. What does your intuition say?

You explain all the things to her in detail. But only if the mother speaks, “son, don’t worry. My intuition says that you will definitely get this job today”. The mother’s faith is the same as blessing. But still you know that nothing can be achieved without preparation.

5. Emotions hidden in our minds

But coincidently the interview was so easy that you were selected in the second round and also you remember the mother’s words in mind. My objective to tell the story is that many emotions that we had in our minds, were proved to be right in the future.

6. Coincidence of Truth

The things mentioned in the above story may seem coincidence to you, but there are definitely people who already understand that is to come with time already. Their mind and brain give them some gestures that help them to know something that is going to happen or to read the mind of the person in front of you.

7. Insight or intuitive

This incredible power is also called insight. Insight or intuitive, a knowledge by which many things that have not happen yet, will be seen as clear water before our closed eyes.

8. Intuition

In English, we also call it ‘ intuition ‘. Intuition is a term, by spelling the name itself, which brings many things in mind. You can feel this feeling anywhere anytime. It is a knowledge that arises from inside of the individual.

9. This is not vashikaran

It is also an intuition to be aware of what someone thinks about us or how he will behave in the future. It is wrong to link the intuition to vashikaran because it does not require any kind of tantra mantra.

10. A kind of emotion

This is a feeling that we feel by ourselves. As in science, the waves of intuitions originate from the mind of the individual. In the right part of the brain, there are some sensors that highlight the power of intuitions.

11. Extra sensor perception

This particular sensor is called ‘ Extra sensor perception ‘. An intuition is not only feelings of heart or mind, but it is felt in many ways. At times, our body also introduces us to some emotions through various movements that we ourselves cannot recognise for a moment.

12. Example

For example, there are times when we are extremely nervous. Sometimes it feels in mind that someone close to us is in trouble or need us. Then you get the news that a relative is sick.

13. Coincidence

This is a hypothetical example. These are often named coincidence, but feelings that are exposed at a particular time cannot be a mere coincidence.

14. Perception of the future

It is not a common power to make sense of the future. But it is not that any ordinary person cannot realise this power. There is definitely a power hidden within everyone which makes him distinct from the world.

15. Intuition Power

Maybe you also have an intuition power, but you are not able to understand that yourself. Understanding and feeling the intuition is not a knowledge from book that can be learnt and understood. But in today’s time, many researches are conducted internationally to uncover it.

16. To concentrate

But if you want to adopt this spirit of intuition in a simple way, the correct route is ‘ to concentrate ‘. Meditation is the only option that governs our body and mind with our power. The power to attain God is also there only in meditation.

17. Meditation Power

You can gain everything by controlling your mind and brain completely. Meditation gradually take away us from the various greed and fascination of the human world.

18. Control of Physical Senses

With the help of meditation, we conquer our senses and it also keeps us away from the wordly sentiments. Meditation gives us the impression of being in a different world . This allows us to find ourselves free from the troubles of the present world.

19. Seven cycles of the human body

Meditation binds all seven chakras in the human body. From our brains to eyes, ears, nose, breath, heart, hunger and thirst, all bodily organs are concentrated on a single axle. Then we feel our brain powerful.

20. Your Intuition Power

Once you have overcome your own body-mind by meditation, you will feel the intuition power arising in you automatically. You will be able to understand the character of any person, the disaster that can happen in the future disaster and also life in a more deeper way.



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