You Can Also Learn Vashikaran, Know How?


In the last article we discussed about the mentality of modern youth. Since this was an occasional issue and we talked to many young people about this issue, so it was important to discuss this issue. But today we will discuss about the experiments of Sadhana, on which we also researched ourselves and realized the experiences of the saint people who have been involved in such practices for many years and disappearing from the sight of the world to get new magical accomplishments for the betterment of the world.

About fourteen years ago, we used to go to Manikarnika Ghat (Varanasi) to understand the mystery of Tantric Sadhana. There we met some proven yogis to whom we got impressed. Even though we did not have any idea for our own accomplishment, there were many curiosities in mind, to confirm that we had to go to he graveyard at night.

In that time, meeting with a perfect man named Swami Yoganand was memorable and he had some experiences that were absolutely supernatural. The simple use of vashikaran, hypnosis and tratac was his left hand play. However Swami Ji was also an expert in the process to kill and paralyse someone, but we urged him to tell us only about Vashikaran, Hypnosis, and Tratak.

Incidentally, there was also our best friend and Siddha Yogi Atmanand with us there, so Swamiji agreed to show the miracle of Vashikaran, Hypnosis and Tratac after accepting our request.

Today, we will give you a little bit of information about the Vashikaran Vidya as told by Swamiji. Swamiji was in favor of using the system only for the sake of generosity. He believed that Vaishikan should not be used for the sake of forgiveness, because it eliminates one’s accomplishment, and the illusion spreads unnecessarily to another. Along with this, the selfish use of it can harm himself.

Swamiji had acquired the Vashikaran Vidya according to the “siddh kunjika stotram” in the Saptashati chapter of Markandeya Purana. This mantra is semi-tantric and semi-divine. Its effect also remains for a long time. But the use of it for selfishness is disastrous.

Before elaborating about this science, we will discuss only the use of vashikaran experiment with you. In the next part it will be shared with the factual information.

Swamiji, after very urging, made us sit on a pyre land and kept some special chants for about fifteen minutes. After this he ordered us to step into the Ganga river. We were hypnotized and stepped into the ganga river. After being in the stream of Ganga for nearly an hour, they ordered us to come out. When we came back and sat on the seat, they removed the vashikshan. We were really wondering on ourselves how we stood up for an hour in the stream of Ganga filled with that much frost and we had no trouble.



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