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Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (Kumbha)

The people with the influence of the sign of Aquarius will not come under control of any people or situation in their life. They are free people with their own thoughts and aims. They want to be a free bird and that gives them greater pleasure than anything in their life. They don’t want to be in a permanent job and they are highly interested in traveling a lot. They want to explore new things in their life. They will never care about the opinion of others very much because of this mentality. These people are highly intellectual and they will know well about their talents. They will always feel higher than the other people and will give wonderful ideas for those who needed their help. They have different types of friends all over the world. With the support of their friends the people with the Aquarius sign will go around the world. They don’t have serious commitments in their life because they will accomplish the needed one very earlier in their life. They are active and busy all the time. It would be a tougher job to work with these people. They are the decision makers in most of the cases. Many people come to their suggestions because of their superior knowledge and experiences. Many business people come under this sign because they are always at large to make their own decisions for their life. Whatever happens around them, these people will be comfortable and lead a happy life.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Aquarians Character

They are trouble personality, odd, strange, the most mazing people is Aquarius – bearer water.

If they make everyone feel curious in attractive way, they are similar to deep lake and never bottom. Aquarius have a few odd, strange, they make other people feel curious.

Aquarians are distinguished from two kind of people:

  • The first, people like peace, shy and always keeping silent soul.
  • The second, they are cool, having ability and mix a few wacky.

But both are general point, they always assist to others zealously.

Aquarius is the same both Libra and Gemini. It is said that Aquarius is smart and decisive, they can solve problems logically. Deep thinking, broad-minded add to veriety of imagine so they are usually “leader” of team to strange ideas. As Libra, Aquarius like balance, they are unbiased, having eyes of view, they can released strength and weakness at anyone. Their ability is analysed clearly, you may be thinking how to do this problem while they done it before. Aquarians are good at keeping memory in mind. They learn everything quickly then “throw” it at beside, only to know about it, that all. They are ambitious and quarrel with people suround. Originally, Aquarians usually change thinking. They are no rule.

Aquarians like kidding with friends. Especially, with are friends in childhood, they always help poor people by heart. They dislike breaking someone promise. If the more you break the promise to Aquarius the less their belief on you even more reducing down zero. They don’t like and can’t stand being alone, ignorable of others. It makes them feel exhausted, they see that is a punishment.

Business and Money

They can look over all of problem, looking forward to future, they work hard. Especially, works involve in saying or argument. With orginal smart and sharing ready, they can start resource of feeling for friends. If you are man of Aquarius zodiac sign, you can find special and different work, it makes you free on your soul. Contrary to man- women in the zodiac sign, they must look for a suitable job hard, they always change job. Coworkers respect eyes of view and progress of you.

In Love

Love has an important part in Aquarius’s life. In love, they are sensitive, they notice in the per detail and small change. By sensitivity, they are usually not happy and thinking over. They are easy to be touched, therefore they are jealous in love unreasonably. however, they can keep calm and mood in time immediately.


Aquarius Horoscope (January 21 – February 19)

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