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Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Mithun)

Those who are influenced in the sign of Gemini will be having double power in all aspects of their life. Whether it is positive or negative these people will receive all the things double times than others. Their behavior will surely make others to wonder about their nature. It is because sometimes they will be very much active and other times they will behave as a lazy person. It is very much difficult to judge this Gemini people because of this dual behavior. They are highly understandable persons and so they can easily mingle with any sort of conversation. Moreover these people have the power of reading others mind from their faces. They will know what others are thinking at present and most of time they will never disclose the thoughts going on in their mind. They are very much friendly in their nature. But their dual type behavior will confuse their friends a lot. The positive mental attitude will be at a higher level in the minds of the Gemini people. They never worry a lot about their situation and they never are jealous with others. They know well about the basic of life and they will understand the fault of other people. They will take care of their work and they will be comfortable in their work. They will not care much about others opinion. But they will sure respect others but not be slave to anybody. They want to be genuine and perfect in all aspects of life.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Gemini Character

On belong to the same sign, if Libra is gentle man and elegant person, Aquarius is fantastic so Gemini is specially “flexible” even more “malicious”. If Libra makes everyone romantic feelings, Aquarius is wind so light that invisibly, Gemini takes fresh, attractive and dynamic feelings to people.

After all, Gemini is a child. He always make everyone smile. This child can say anything of all day because of necessary, they want to do by want to be lived.

Ordinary of Gemini is a smart and naughty child so they always show their ability to solve all of problems which involve in knowledge . They can do a lot of work at the same time. At the beside- once Gemini, you will never feel bored by they always refresh themselves. Germini is the most crazy person in 12 signs of zodiac. While they are being happy, they ‘re in hight- spirit immediately even if they don’t know what they want as well.

They are smart in saying stories inspite of magnification, they can do it by they are humor, active and having eyes of view. Once advantage of Gemini is ability to see and find out “Achille” of partner and they make every smile by parody or mocking their action. Inspite of fun, when they get seriously problems they behavior faithfully and thoughtfully.

It is easy to make friend with Gemini because of their warm and simplicity. They always know how to listen and reduce your temper down. Gemimi is friendly and sociable, they are good term with their friends so they have a lot of friends more than twice others.

Business and Money

Gemini has many skills and knowledge constellation , they coincide to do intellectual works.

In Love

To “own” Gemini , you and them are similar, meaning humor and intelligent. Anyone of this sign usually loves many people before looking for someone who they are realy love at last. In the end, Gemini is considered one of the most amorous zodiac sign. However when they seek “truth lover” in their life they will be sincere and spending all of love to them. they are kind of person who like freedom,they don’t like being forced. So if you are looking for someone to rely for a long time, Gemini isn’t a best choice.


Gemini Horoscope (March 21 – April 20)

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