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Zodiac Sign: Libra (Tula)

These people with the influence of the Libra sign are famous for their judgmental behavior. They never give up their point of view for anybody. They have greater talents of dealing with all the people. They will consider the prestige as the prior than any other success in the life. They will sure get success if they really want to but most of the time they will give up in the middle of their efforts. There are many reasons which delay their success but the major one is their argumentative mentality. They will argue for even simple matters with others. If the Libra people are not arguing with others then they might have born in the earlier stage of the month of September or at the end stage of the month of October. These people are very kind to their friends and family but at the same time they will play their role of judge perfectly in all the chances. These people are reliable because of their nature of sincerity. Their caring nature brings them a lot of friends. They have a lot of problems and worries in their mind but they will never disclose anything to others. Even their family members will never know about the personal issues of the Libra people. They have their own rules and concepts. These people will lead a happy life along with the mysterious problems in their mind. Those who understand the nature of these sign people will really like them a lot.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Libra Character

Humor,energetic, generous are temperament of Libra. In life, they point at feelings, full of emotions, they always want to be loved and everyone take care of them. Actually, they will bored and disappointed without interesting of others people. Libra always inquire problems before giving decision. They like foods, always at 100 degrees of Celsius. Never reducing off. Libra is a spends money the most wastefully in this world.

Business and Money

They are good at conversations. They speak cleverly and specially, they always find way out in order to solve problems unexpectedly. Works involve in communication and seeking partner coincide of this zodiac sign. For example: lawyer, administrator, specialists negotiation or foreign affairs.

They work hard to earn money but they enjoy hobby of life as well. They are waste of money to shopping. They spend a lot of money for funiture and foods at restaurant.

Family and Friends

With their family, they always take care of their family. They use action than without saying that they love evryone only. Anyone of friendlist can dislike Libra,they are humor and enthusiastic. They dislike telling sad storys about themselves which have influence on their friends. Eveyone who is Libra’s friends, friendship never end.

In Love

When falling in love with someone, peace is their goal. They don’t take ambition to cause problems on relationship. They love and are satisfied when lover agrees styles, stylish even if “sex”. When being alone in relationship they go out with friends, chatting with everyone…They are optimistic but they only show that, actually weak on their mind.


Libra Horoscope (September 24 – October 23)

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