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The Astrology Planets and Their Influence on Human Life

Astrology planets have a different meaning altogether when it comes to the astronomical understanding about the planets. These planets can be symbolized as forces and these can always be symbolized as per the physiological aspects of these planets. When we think of Sun, we think of it as the center of the solar system but we hardly consider it as a planet. In astrological terms, Sun is considered as a planet and this planet is known to represent the tendency of various aspects of human personality. This can also be stated otherwise – the sun gives wholeness to our lives. There is also a lot of variation in between the Hindu Astrology and the Western Astrology. But whatever the difference it all revolves around the planets. This study of Astrology planets is termed as the Varsha phal as per Hindu Astrology and called as Progressed Horoscope in Western Astrology.

The History of Astrology Planets

The study of planets and their influence on human life has been in study from ancient times. During those times, the planets and their influence were treated as the gods will. But this is treated as a basic impulse in the modern times. We can also find that there were some studies which happened in the 1460 s in Germany and this was known to be popular through the German Renaissance. There existed a manuscript which dates back to 17th century and it also includes a thesis on Astrology planets and their movements. There are also quite a few interesting treatise about various planets and also their planet children.

What are Classical Planets?

The classical planets are the ones which can be seen by the naked eye. The planets in Astrology which are known as the classical planets are The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The planets Sun and Moon are at times referred to as the luminaries. Though the planets like Uranus can also be seen through naked eye, they are not included in the Astrology planets. These classical planets were also called by the astrologers as the personal and social planets as they are known to influence every human being and their life. Planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are also to be the personal planets and the planets, Jupiter and Saturn are known to be the social planets. The planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are termed as the collective planets.

Modern Astrology and its Studies

Astrology and the study of planets have changed from time to time. While astrologers in ancient times believed that it is the will of the God, the modern astrologers have a difference opinion on the power of these planets. While some of the astrologers believe that the planets influence directly through an unknown power, other state that there is no direct influence from these planets. They treat these planets as the mirrors of the principles which exist in the universe and as the nature’s forces. Many of the modern astrologers have proved that the patters which exist in the Universe repeat themselves.

The association of the planets and their influence also has its association with the Chinese astrology, where these are associated with the yin and yang, which are the life forces and these form a prominent role in Chinese Astrology.

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