Effects of the Jupiter in the Eighth House of Horoscope


Presence of Jupiter in the eighth house of the Horoscope means that the person is naughty and playful in nature, of a giant body and devoid of the pleasures of wealth and women. In situations of Jupiter being the owner of the eighth house then the person is long-living, suffers from infliction of sexual diseases, is an astrologer, is soft spoken and of distressful economic conditions. In case Jupiter is in sight of or in combination with malefic planets, then the person is short-lived, corrupt and maintains illicit relationships with widows.

In case the Horoscope belongs to a female and the ascendant is Gemini or Virgo and Jupiter is weak and afflicted then this combination leads to destruction to the pleasures of the married life to the lady. Continuous donning the Stone of the Yellow Sapphire is absolutely necessary for such females.

Jupiter present in the third house in the upper state being under influence of malefic planets is not good for life because Jupiter is weakened in the eighth house from its original position and third house from the ascendant. There is hope for extending the life-span by deploying methods to strengthen such position of the Jupiter.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Jupiter in the eighth House of the Horoscope:
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  • Shall reap all comforts and luxuries in life even if he is not wealthy on his own, every assignment of his requirement shall get completed and shall receive godly help during his times of need. Fortunes shall be effective through mysterious, paranormal and godly forces.
  • Fortune shall always be on his side till he lives.
  • Shall never be without the pleasures of a child, shall be a father to at least six children. Shall reap pleasures all along in his life span of eighty years of age. Shall be courageous till the time of his death. Shall never be in despair on account of the elements of health, wealth and family.
  • Shall be sensitive and caring towards the dying and shall be a savior to people in their times of need.
  • May not be aware of his own destiny but shall have the ability to foretell the mysteries.