Effects of the Sun in the Eleventh House of Horoscope


Presence of the Sun in the eleventh house makes the person to be extremely wealthy, Servant to a king, inability of indulgence in worldly pleasures, Character-elevating, blessed with wealth, popular amongst women, intelligent, playful, self-respectful, concise and to the point in speech, with a few children and afflicted from the diseases of the stomach. He has blessings of his superiors, the rich and the gentle personalities. His wife is beautiful and he begets economic advantages and riches from several mediums. He is a recipient of sufficient pleasures of ownership of vehicle and is felicitated by the state. In case the sun is in its own house or is in a high position then the person is benefited on account of wealth from higher officials, court and judiciary and his enemies.

Following is the opinion of the author of the “Lal Kitaab” regarding presence of Sun in the Eleventh House of the Horoscope:
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  • Shall be greedy but of the stature of a mighty religious king. In case of completeness of faith he and his family shall be happy and prosperous.
  • He shall be supposedly totally religious but shall be self-centered towards his own worldly pleasures. In case of distance from evil houses of the Saturn, then he shall be a father to at least three honest and complete sons.
  • Shall be an idol of falsehood and evil deeds yet despite this he shall be long-living.




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