Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Gemstone of Ketu)


Its physical appearance which is quite similar to a cat’s eye has given it the name of cat’s eye gemstone. This gemstone represents Ketu, according to Indian Vedic astrology. There is a beam passed through its centre which makes this gemstone look like a cat’s eye. This gemstone is found in many colours like yellowish green, black and also in honey colour as well. It is mostly found in Srilanka, Burma, China and Brazil. The best quality gemstones are the kanak eye cat’s eye gemstone.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

According to Hindu Vedic astrologyCat’s Eye gemstone is connected to Ketu. This gemstone has divine powers of healing the ill effects of fever, diseases etc. This gives you many benefits such as the healthiness, metal courage, peace of mind, better food, escalated confidence, good luck, and increment in fame. It even ensures you the protection from varied deathful accidents. Cat’s Eye Gemstone benefits you in your gains, your heath and also in your clarity of thoughts in making decisions. If it suits you then you will see its great results in a short time. It will give you freedom from all your worries and also make you much financially independent.

Remedy Through Cat’s Eye Gemstone

If your Ketu is weak then you should wear this gemstone for getting rid of ketu’s malefic effects. There are varied benefits of this gemstone; if any person wears it then they will easily be able to experience wealth, honour, success, and glory. This gemstone even signifies various types of remedies if you are dealing with financial loss or even business failure.Cat’s Eye Gemstone with combination with other stones will help you with several health related problems. By wearing this gemstone you can cure your bone cancer, mouth cancer, blood cancer and kidney trouble. Wearing it will give it wearer fame, money, name, good health, a long life, prosperity and mental peace.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

There are many benefits of wearing aCat’s Eye Gemstone. Cats Eye Gemstone astrology benefit you in your health related issues. The astrological benefits states that if a person wears it he will surely possess wisdom, good health, fame, honour, prosperity, and financial gain. The people who are facing financial problems can also get remarkable benefits from acquiring this gemstone. People who are writers, film directors, scholars, engineers, poets, doctors, peace loving persons, scientists, judges, painters, meteorologists, pharmacists, architect can benefit from this stone. It is very important that you wear this gemstone under the mahadasha of ketu so you can avoid its malefic effects.

Methods of Wearing Cat’s Eye Gemstone

The best time of wearing a cat’s eye gemstone is two hours after sunset. You can wear it on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. You can wear it in gold or silver according its suitability from your birth chart. Always avoid wearing an emerald, blue sapphire or diamond gemstone along with cat’s eye gemstone. You should always consider an astrologer before wearing it and also buy original gemstone form the market.