Diamond Gemstone

Diamond Gemstone: (Gemstone of Venus)


Diamond, the king of all gemstones – is the hardest substance of the world. It is the most prized gem of them all. We use diamonds as jewellery item, it also used as industrial cutters to cut other softer minerals. You can wear it as jewellery in pendants, rings, and bracelets. The same element which is responsible of creating coal and graphite is also responsible of creating diamond. With the help of volcanoes these diamond brought nearer to earth’s surface from the earth’s mantle. Diamond is a poor conductor of heat. It is a very popular gemstone among women. They love to wear it; according to Hindu mythology diamond is a symbol of feminine and beauty. It is very beneficial for your marriage that’s why many people like to exchange diamond ring during their marriages. You give strength to your Venus by wearing it. You should always purchase original gemstone from reliable jewellers. Diamond gemstones price depends on its color, karate and the cutting of the diamond.

Benefits of Diamond

There are many benefits of wearing diamond such as it help you getting rid of your metal blocks, wearing it will make you a more confident person. Many artists, doctors and businessmen found wearing diamond very helpful. You can improve your physical and mental health by wearing it. It also helps you in preventing diseases that are related to your sexual life. It increases your mental straight and provides you more stamina. People related to fashion industry or film industry are advised to wear diamond as its boosts their chances of being successful in their respective fields. A person with a good Venus achieves everything in his life.

Remedy Through Diamond

Beauty, coolness and strength are the three main qualities diamond has. It help you in increasing you intellectual power. Ash of diamond is found useful in tuberculosis. It also found very helpful for the person who is suffering from diabetes. You can also its powder to treat diseases like heart ailment and sexual disorders. You should always wear a high quality diamond if you like to get rid of the problems that are caused by malefic Venus.

Astrological Benefits of Diamond

Diamond gemstone is related to planet Venus, this planet signifies human desires. If your Venus is good then it will bring you a lot of wealth, happiness, glamour, romance, pleasures in your life. Diamond should be wear by a person who was born with the sign Libra or Taurus. If you are suffering from the antardasha or mahadasha of Venus then it becomes very important to wear diamond. Diamond gemstone benefits you become more confident and helps you focusing on your goals.

Methods of Wearing Diamond

You can wear diamond in gold or silver ring. It should be wear on Fridays only during shukla paksha. You can wear it on the middle finger of your right hand after you done its purification process. You can see its effects in 30 days after that it will give its full effects for 5 years. After 5 years it is advised to change your gemstone as it becomes inactive.