Emerald Gemstone


The deep green gemstone i.e. emerald is now popular for being the most valuable stone in the world according to its weight. The famous Egyptian Goddess Cleopatra wore the jewelleries made of emerald. This gemstone is found in varied countries such as India, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia etc. The most optimum gemstone is found at Colombia, in South Africa. This gemstone is considered to be connected with the planet Mercury. The chemical name of this stone is beryllium aluminium silicate with the structure of hexagonal crystal. The basic hue of this gemstone is seen to be green in colour. It is also present in bluish green colour as well. The hardness of this gemstone is about 7.5 to 8. The range of the emerald’s specific gravity is recorded to be of 2.62 to 2.9. The green colour of this gemstone is because of the chromium compounds present in the crystal structure it has. People should wear this gemstone of a measure of 2 carats.

Benefits of Emerald

The Emerald Gemstone is considered to offer intellect, wisdom, memory, speech, intuitive power etc. to a person who is wearing it. Through this gemstone a person’s nature is reflected of being generous, elegant, and possessing analytical power. There are varied Emerald Gemstone benefits. The person who wears it is known to gain peace in his mind and area around him. They are said to possess harmonious lifestyle with less of tensed environment. It is even best known for improving family relations and developing mutual understanding between the family and children.

Remedy Through Emerald

There are varied remedies related to this gemstone. If people have it with the in form of ring then their most of the problems easily gets solved. The wealth issues in your life will disappear. The power of holding is possessed by this green gemstone. It is popularly known for its spectacular healing powers. If you are going through some kind of disease then you can easily come out of it through wearing it. The positive aura that is secreted through this gemstones offer extreme benefits to you.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Emerald

Emerald gemstone astrology aspects are also remarkable. As per the Vedic Astrology, this gemstone reflects the Mercury planet. It is highly expensive gemstone and owning it builds high standard image as well. There are varied astrological benefits such as if you wear it then the minds of persons become sharper and their concentration power escalates. It is always preferred that the businessmen should wear it. This will make their business flourish with success and profits. The life span of a person becomes strong and highly efficient.

Methods of Wearing Emerald

You should always opt for searching the Original gemstone of emerald. There are varied fake available in the market as well. The correct way of wearing a gemstone is extremely mandatory. Choosing the right size and right kind is also very essential for you. The weight of this gemstone should be approx. 3.6 or 7 ratti. It should be worn with the gold ring. The first finger is preferred for wearing it and the working hand.