Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral Gemstone

Coral is made from a living creature. It is made of a plant like animal called polyps. Polyps make their colonies under seawater. Coral is one of the most precious stones found in this world. It is an organic substance. Red corals are formed in deep sea from the individual skeleton of each polyp. It is durable in nature and because of its bright red colour, it used very commonly in jewellery making. Its colour varies from dark red to pale pink. Coral is a priceless stone; it has many benefits to mankind. Italian coral is considered to be the finest quality coral in the market.


Red coral gemstone is very popular in jewellery industry. Coral stones can be found in most part of the world. Great barrier reef, Australia is the major deposit of coral stones. Its finest quality comes from the parts of Tunisia and Sardinia. Red coral gemstone price is depended upon its quality and quantity that’s why coral stones from china and Japan are more costly than Italian coral even though they considered being inferior to Italian coral.

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits

Red coral worn by surgeons, police officers, soldiers, players or any worker will show its benefit on their daily life. Wearing it will transform you in an energetic, confident and dynamic person. If you are experiencing bad dreams or you always feel fear that something bad will happen soon then wearing it will help you in getting rid of those fears. It will help you in dominating your enemies and competitors. It helps you developing confidence, makes you more financially secured, turns you into an active person and also make you a leader among you colleagues

Remedy through Red Coral Gemstone

Red coral gemstones prevent you from bad accidents, it decreases your chances of having any fever, piles, impotency or abortion issues your whole life. If you make your child wearing the red coral beads around his neck then it will protect him from stomach-ache and rickets. It is said to be very beneficial in arthritis and knee problems.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone

Coral stones are considered to be very beneficial according to Hindu mythology. It is said that it is helpful in nullifying the effect of mars. Coral stones have been used by us in many different ways from ages. If your mars is weak and you have mangal dosha in you Kundli, then wearing a red coral gemstone will certainly help you a lot. You can remove all your weakness of mars by wearing it. if you have bad antardasha of mars then you can remove all its weakness by wearing a red coral gemstone. Red coral gemstone benefits you in bringing harmony to your married life.

Methods of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone

Coral stones maintain its glossiness for a long period of time. Wearing it will help you with you stay healthy and financially secure. You can use a coral stone that is weighted around six to twelve karats for a pendant or a ring. You should wear this only on Tuesday morning. You can wear it in gold or silver ring, an hour after sunrise. You can wear it on your right hand’s index finger or ring finger.