Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone: Manik (Gemstone of Sun)


Ruby is a mixture of oxygen, chromium, aluminium and iron. Its colour ranges from pink to dark red. The reason behind its red colour is the presence of chromium. This is one of the most expensive stones available in the market. Pigeon blood red is determined to be the most expensive of all ruby stones. Its price depends upon its colour, cut and carat. Burma is famous for its best quality and original ruby gemstones. Thailand is also famous for its original gemstones. Wearing this stone will benefit you in building confidence and make you financially stable.

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

The major benefit seen in individuals wearing a ruby stone is their improved blood circulation. Ruby gemstone benefits People who have strong sun in their kundli. It will bring spark and liveliness in your nature. People who thinks so much and always gets worried for no reason should try it because it will take away all the sadness they are experiencing. It will enhance you financial stability and also save you from evil spirits and bad luck. It offers invulnerability and keeps you healthy. Ruby stones boost your confidence; it gives you wisdom and also inspires creativity in you. In men it signifies nobility and manhood. For women it signifies power and passion. These stones are known to bring blessing of son in your life.

Remedy Through Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is found to be helpful in curing disease like gout, insomnia, boils, fever and ulcers. When used in combination with other stones it helps in treating heart diseases. It also helps you maintain good blood pressure in your body. Ruby helps you in minimising the ill effects and increasing the good effects of the sun. Ruby helps preventing cardiac thrombosis, eye inflammation, low or high blood pressure, eruption of the face, epilepsy, typhoid, sun stroke, diseases of the head etc.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

The ruler of ruby gemstones is sun. If you sun is malefic in your chart then wearing a ruby stone will help decreasing its bad effect on you. If you want to be successful in your life then you should wear this gemstone. It will bring you fortune and fame. Ruby helps you to unlock manipura chakra which is responsible for your leadership skills. If you are an engineer, goldsmith, actor, artist, politician, government official or any diplomat wearing this stone will work wonders for you. People with the fashion industry or movie industry can also wear this stone for face and fortune. Ruby gemstone astrology benefits you in your self-realization and helps you choose which path is good for your life.

Methods of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

We can set ruby in gold or bronze and then wear it for its goodness. First we wash it in fresh milk early in the morning after that process chanting of mantra should be done. You can also donate wheat, red cloth, copper and money and pray to the sun for providing its good results. You can wear this stone in your right hand’s ring figure between 8 to 10 am on Sunday.