Powerful Mantra To Attract Husband


First Remedy : Husband-wife Vashikaran Mantra: This spell can be used by any one or both of the spouses. For this you have to chant the 1100 of the following mantra in Siddha Yoga lovingly give betel to your life partner, so that your life partner will be in your control for the rest of your life. This remedy can be done by wife for husband or by husband for wife. Amuk (name of life partner) Jai Jai Sarvavyannam: Swaha ..

Second Remedy : For maintaining family happiness; if there is bitterness in the relationship of husband and wife, then either husband or wife or both together (if possible), should chant the above mantra for five rounds counting the garland beads for twenty-one days. Chant devotedly, stress will go away and mirth will increase in marital life …

Third Remedy : Delete the moral flaws by: Perform the following actions in case of conflict or marital disorder due to mild defects. Husband or wife, or both, fast on Tuesday and offer red boondi, sindoor and dress to Hanuman ji.

Donate tandoor’s sweet bread. On Tuesday, flow a fist of revadi for seven times in the river. Donate delicious sweet foods to the poor. Donate blood for release from Mangal and Ketu side effects. Wear a jointless ring made of silver. This will decrease the mangalik dosh in the horoscope of both husband and wife and mutual love between husband and wife will increase.

Fourth Remedy : The wives whose husbands are caught in the illusion of another woman or do not love each other, if they are fighting and quarreling, then the husband can be made favourable to her by this trick. Cut little hair of the husband peak at 12 o’clock in the night of Thursday or Friday and place it in a place where your husband will not notice. By doing so, your husband’s attention will completely get away from that woman and he will start loving you again. After some days, burn this hair and crush it with your feet and throw it out of the house.

Fifth Remedy : Chant the mantra “Om namo mahayakshinyae mama pathim mem vashyam kuru kuru swahaa” counting 10 rounds of garland beads in the auspicious time, and along with this do havan, tarpan and marjan, to achieve the mantra. After this, give your husband any sweet chanted for 7 times with this mantra. Do this for 21 consecutive days. With this husband will be in your control and he will never look for any other woman in his life.

Sixth Remedy : “Hey Gauri Shankaradhangin! Yatha thwam sankarapriya thatha maa kuru kalyani kanth kaantha sudurlabhaam.” Chanting this mantra everyday five rounds of maala for 21 consecutive days will help to get your husband’s love. Be sure to worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Durga before chanting.

Seventh Remedy : If a woman’s husband love others and misbehaves with his wife, then such women should smoke guggle in the house or bedroom especially on every Sunday. Before filling, in mind you should pray saying the name of the other woman that let your husband be free from that woman’s influence. Soon the mutual relationship between them will be break.

Eighth Remedy : Gifting dolphin fishes to your spouse will bring an increase of mirth and harmony in marital life. Picture of the Dolphin fishes or idols should be placed in the bedroom in East or West direction. According to feng shui, placing the Mendarian ducks to the newly-married couple’s bedroom keeps their love for each other permanently through out the life.



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