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Illusion Spells In Today’s World

Spells and the world of magic has always interested people. There are several kinds of spells which have been created from the ancient times. In this context, illusion spells are very popular. These spells usually fool individuals into believing something which is not true. They deceive the senses of people, and it causes them to see things which are not actually there, or to hide things which are there, and also to hear sounds and remember incidents which may never have occurred. It can cause hallucinations as well.

There are several kinds of illusion spells. False vision is a kind of spell which tends to hide anything from divination which is dependent on sight or sound. The invisibility spell hides someone from sight. The disguise spell causes changes in one’s appearance. False aura is a spell which tends to create another aura and hides the spell’s true area. The mirror image spell creates multiple images. The minor figment spell creates an illusion which is medium in size, whereas the programmed figment spell creates sounds and movements which have been programmed previously by the person casting the spell. The effects of such spells can last for a short period or for a long period of time. The intensity also depends on the energy and force of the person casting such a spell.

People can find out about illusion spells from trained practitioners, and also from the internet, as there are several websites which offer a great deal of information on the uses of such spells, as well as detailed instructions on casting such spells.