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Marriage Spells! Are they real?

Recently I was browsing the web for some fun. I came on a site which caste spells for married couples, also called ‘marriage spells’. I inserted me and my wife’s information and the site says – “Thank you! You would feel the change in your life after few days because spells generally take some time.”

Spells are a demonic form of prayer originally used in witchcraft. They are the forms of prayer asking the divine for guidance and help. Nobody really knows whether spells are really effective specially marriage spells. In my opinion spells generally depends on the beliefs of a person on which they are casted. If you believe spells are helpful for you then you can benefit from them otherwise they won’t affect. The scientific reason behind this would be our Subconscious mind. I have read a book in which the Author explained how your Subconscious mind works on the beliefs of some person. One of the very common examples for this would be a person who is seasick and is travelling in a ship. If we suggest this kind of person saying – “Oh my God! You are not looking fine, you are looking very sick!” He would easily accept the suggestion and the effect of this suggestion would start looking on his face. This is how a suggestion works on a person who has negative thoughts. If we suggest this statement to a ship’s captain then he would totally refuse it, because he’s been travelling for many years and seasickness can hardly affect him, or we can say that this statement can’t affect his Subconscious mind.

So we can say that if we are a positive thinker then marriage spells could affect us and belief me it would always have a positive impact.