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Do Memory Spells Really Works?

Yesterday I was going to attend a family marriage reception. I went into my nephew’s room to ask him to go with me, but when I see the plight of the room I was amazed. He has put many candles in round shape and was sitting between them and was chanting some kind of spell. I shouted and asked him about the matter. He replied me that it was his exam tomorrow and he is casting memory spells for himself. I was first amazed that rather than preparing for his exams he was casting so called memory spells, secondly I thought whether they are real or not.

Believe me there is no power on this earth which can work on itself. Have you ever seen a person casting spells on a tire of car, whose car is punctured, I mean does it make any sense. I believe in supernatural but even it to take effect you need to do some hard work. We can’t say that I am going to get a first class in my exams by casting memory spells. Even if we want to succeed we need some time and hard work to prepare for the examinations. I think that misguiding our students on the magic of memory spells is not good. It is ok to believe in supernatural powers but it would be our foolishness to believe on them blindly. Even a Newton’s law says that for an object to move we need some external force. So in real life it is our obligation to show our students the right path, rather than putting them in false beliefs like memory spells.