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What are mindreading spells and how to benefit from them?

Have you ever noticed that how some people have some supernatural powers, and how they read people’s mind? This is in fact true. Nobody should believe this in first phase but this is true and even there are some proofs written in many articles in newspaper and also on web. Mindreading spells are not new; even they have a history of many thousand years from when the human came on this earth. This is also related to telepathy. When a person has some psychic powers he has an ability to read people’s mind through telepathy or some other means. These kinds of persons have attained some kind of empathy with their subjects that they can easily read their mind. But before they read the minds of their customers or subjects they collect every kind of information from them like their hobbies, motivations and dreams in the life.

My view about mindreading spells would be somewhat positive but I don’t believe in superstitions. For me to believe something is to first of all observe it in front of my eyes and then after some cross checks come into conclusion. I think that anything which we use for the well being of a human can be believed. But if you are using it against humanity then it’s not good. I have seen many mindreading spells miracles happening in front of my eyes and I have had to believe them. I am giving you this very simple spell that you can try yourself:–

Sit on a dim light, light a candle in front of you in your room and try this spell:–
As flame lights shadow,
And true ends fear.
Open lost thoughts to my
minds willing ear.
May the smoke from this candle.
And to everywhere creep.
Bring innermost voices,
To my mind and speech.

This spell helps you hear a person’s thought.