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Are Misfortune Spells a Superstition or Reality?

We are living in the age of 21st century where many new inventions and discoveries have already happened, yet there are some places in the world that are still living a backward life of black magic and superstitions. One of the main examples of this is casting misfortune spells on some one. Chhattisgarh state in our country is one of the examples where these kinds of incidents happen now and then. They on the false notion of any lady being ‘Tonhi’ beat them hardly and even some times burn them alive. Why on the earth would somebody even believe this misconception of misfortune spells?

My belief about misfortune spells is that I don’t believe it. How could a person using some daily used ingredients like lemon, black pepper or ash cast some kind of misfortune spells on someone whom he wants to suffer. Actually it is the idea of some of the so called sluggish people who want to earn some smart way. They escalate themselves by showing some tricks like making ashes from air, making the coconut water red which are actually chemical reactions. So the village people who are illiterate and not aware about these chemical reactions easily influenced with them and spend their money on these superstitions.

Actually we have to suffer from those so called superstitions until we make ourselves and our living society aware about the fact that this is 21st century and there is no place for a superstition like misfortune spells in our mind and society. The people who commit crimes on behalf of that should be punished.