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Nightmare Spells, Real or Superstition?

Spells are the demonic form of prayers originally used in witchcraft. They are the form of prayers asking the divine for help. Now ‘Nightmare spells’ are the spells which you use against our enemy so that he would see the nightmares. In Hindu religion we worship the God of death called ‘Kali’ the god of evil and death. If we go to Kalighat in West Bengal we can see many ‘Aghoris’ is doing some rituals for becoming immortal and eternal. There are many of them who claim of having supernatural powers of showing someone nightmares with their Nightmare spells power technique. In nightmare spells you send a hideous and unsettling phantasmal vision a specific creature that you name or otherwise specifically designate.

I don’t really deny or accept the fact of Nightmare spells. Our country is a country of beliefs, and I myself being a Bengali can’t deny the fact that we believe in our God. But I don’t support superstitions and won’t support it. Why in the world would somebody try to show you some nightmares with the help of casting spells, and if it is true this type of practice must be stopped. I don’t know the reality of nightmare spells but I won’t suggest anybody to use this kind of spells on somebody, even who knows if it would reflect back to you? Try to support a simple cause that live peacefully and let the other people also live. Don’t support these kinds of superstitions without knowing the bad impacts of them in your life. I would suggest everybody not to support it and also protest those people who use it.