Strength Spells – boost it up greatly

Everyone desires to be physically and mentally fit. The Strength spells brings strength and power to those who chant them. This strength can be physical, mental or magical. The effect of these spells cannot be reversed, but the effect decreases with passage of time. Experience and knowledge in the art of these magical Strength spells bring proper and long term effect. The magic depends on power of mind of a person. The success depends upon the strength of caster’s mind. It can be gained through acute concentration and power meditation. Power of one’s mind determines the success of the magic. People who are beginners can start with white magic as black magic certainly requires lot more concentration and power.

These Strength Spells can be used in overcoming the short-comings on your part such as shyness, addiction such as smoking or drinking or to enhance courage within you, reduces pain, increase power of your senses, helps to overcome emotional pain, makes problem go away. It can be used to open a jar struck from a long period or to increase your mental strength of recollection.

Instances are: – ‘Better Sense’, ‘Become Stronger’, ‘to banish a fear’, etc. Strength can be achieved by saying this: From the strength in the divine powers give me the strength to “lift a machine or bed or whatever you want to” or it can be “Strength of the day, Strength of the night, Give me strength beyond my sight.” Start up with these Strength Spells, have faith and experience the Strength within you.