Uchchatan Practice – A Multi-Utility System Experiment


Improvement or removal of mind is a result of any action from any object, place or person, it is called Uchchatan. You have got a dispute with anyone, have become disoriented, you have been away from him, disliking any virtues of anybody, staying away from him. This is general mind’s fluctuating behavior towards him or his qualities, but if this is the result of any tantric action then the elimination action takes place, it is a tactical hectork, in which a person is indulging in distraction towards any place, person, property or object, the result is : the respective person or thing seems going out of the respective place you had given them in your life and you feel like the attachment is over, begins to dislike it/him, feels like a turmoil, get distracted, feels like its better to be away from him/it.

Uchchatan practice is very useful, when a member of one’s house becomes subjugated to somebody else, wanders from the path, falls in wrong company, generates any bad habit, and comes in somebody’s seduction. Among husband-wife if anyone happens to get attached to any other person, home and family begins to scatter, family honor falls under pressure, prestige issues occur, waste of wealth and property begins to happen in wrong actions. Uchchatan practice is successful in such cases where some one is interested in such a relationship where there is a violation of family values, rituals etc, someone is unnecessarily attachment to anyone, someone is troubling anyone unnecessarily, someone needs to make a distance from anyone, to remove someone’s mind from some other person, the effect of any external air, etc. should need to be removed from him, to eliminate the effects of the evil planets, to eliminate the poverty-problems etc, someone has conquered somebody’s wealth and property and not returning it and you want to make his mind fluctuate from this etc.

Uchchatan is a furious tactical verb, in which cooperation of the fiery forces of nature, goddess, is taken, while the benign powers are used in vashikaran and all; therefore, the action of elimination is possible only under the guidance of any qualified knowledge, its mechanism is repulsive. Its methodology is based on the principle of repulsion, in which, with the help of the power of deity-god towards any virtue, position, place, person, perception, distortions, dislike, distraction, disharmony are produced, in the nature of the person, -In result, any disorder or attraction of a person or place is created, the person seems to try to get away from that place, property, or person. When he is with him/it, he starts having panic, anxiety, confusion, disturbance and he starts running away from him.

This action can be very useful in eliminating diseases, in removing the disease, in removing intoxicants, bad associations, eliminating anyone’s unnecessary attachment-attachment from someone’s property. Although all the tantric practices have both good manners and misuse of actions, and if they maintain their ethics, discretion, and use them according to their needs, then this will help a lot to keep in control the family’s peace, happiness and prosperity …..



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