Vashikaran Method: With This Single Method Even Your Enemies Will Hear You


1. Attraction towards the opposite sex

An attraction towards the opposite sex is natural. Nature has complemented man and woman, which leads to the development of every kind of attraction between them. This attraction proves the foundation of a successful married life.

2. Married couple – Vashikaran Law

But the problem arises when one of the married couple is completely dedicated to their relationship, keeps an eye on their partner, but their partner is in a state of disorientation.

3. Social relation

If you consider marriage as a social affinity, then it will be totally lifeless, so it is very important that there should be love and attraction present in between the couples.

4. Scientific remedies

Today we are going to tell you a scientific remedy, with the help of which you can attract your spouse towards you.

5. Gunja – Vashikaran Method

Gunja, is the seed of a vine which is used in the tantric rituals. It is available in red and black colours, in addition to its seeds, the root is also very useful.

6. Black coloured Gunja – Vashikaran method

The black colored gunja is considered to be very special. If any trouble is about to happen to a person who has Gunja with him, then its colour will start to change itself.

7. Gunja in honey – Vashikaran method

If you want to attract your husband/wife, then put five granules of gunj in a lamp made of mud and honey poured in it, remembering the husband’s/wife’s name.

8. Control your Enemy too

This is an experiment by which even the enemy will be in your control. It is most effective to do it during Deepawali, eclipse, holi, full moon or amavasya.

9. Sanctified – Vashikaran Method

Keep the granules of gunja in the clothes of that person whom you want to control. As long as the grains are tied with that person’s clothes, he/she will be under the influence of vashikaran.

10. Bracelet made of Gunja

A person who falls easily under the influence of evil eye should wear a bracelet made of Gunja.

11. Gunja Chain – Vashikaran Method

If you are going for a meeting or to give a speech, then you should wear a chain made of gunja. This helps you to make good impressions on others.

12. Social Vashikaran

Other than this wearing chain made up of gunja helps in social vashikaran too.

13. Successful Vashikaran

You can also consider this remedy as a remedy for a successful vashikaran. But there is only one condition for its use that its purpose must be positive and not negative.



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