Astrology Puja

Why rely on Astrology Puja Services of Astrologynews?

The most important aspects often neglected by the others that we consider as our strength are:
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  • We deploy services of our skilled / learned pundits to carry out the rituals.
  • We use only the prescribed methods and Pujan Vidhi that ensures creation of powerful positive influences on the aimed outcomes.
  • We carry the rituals with Positive Intent of execution and dedication in performance.


[column size=”1-4″] Sun Pooja

Sun Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Moon Pooja

Moon Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Mars Pooja

Mars Puja

[column size=”1-4″ last=”1″]Mercury Pooja

Mercury Puja


[column size=”1-4″] Jupiter Pooja

Jupiter Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Venus Pooja


[column size=”1-4″] Saturn Pooja

Saturn Puja

[column size=”1-4″ last=”1″] Rahu Pooja

Rahu Puja


[column size=”1-4″] Kethu Pooja

Kethu Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Hanuman Pooja

Hanuman Puja

[column size=”1-4″ last=”1″] Kuber Pooja

Kuber Puja


[column size=”1-4″] Laxmi Pooja

Laxmi Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Parvati Pooja

Parvati Puja

[column size=”1-4″] Saraswati Pooja

Saraswati Puja

[column size=”1-4″ last=”1″] Shiv Pooja

Shiv Puja



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