Yearly Horoscope

Brief about Astrology and Horoscope

Astrology is an ancient science that is based on studies of the planetary movements and their relative positions at a given point of time. Ancient astrologers, sages and planetary scientist have evolved mathematical calculation methods to arrive at the planetary positions depending on the date, time and place of birth of an individual.

Systematic recording of such positions in form the basis of a planetary movement chart is called as the horoscope of an individual and is used for reference purposes during the life time for comparing the changes in the positions in relation to the positions at the time of birth and the likely impacts of such changes on the life events of the individual whose horoscope is being analyzed.

What is an Annual Horoscope?

An Annual Horoscope is a detailed analysis of results of the planetary positions, their effects of malefic or beneficial nature, the likelihood of occurrences of situations of interest or caution and the remedial recourses advisable to be undertaken for preventive action.

Nowadays many publication houses have tied up with various renowned astrologists for providing analysis of particular signs of the zodiacs in form of Annual Horoscopes. These are basically general predictions which are supposed to be universally applicable. However, one to one specialist astrological services are also available wherein learned astrologers prepare detailed annual analysis of the planetary positions and their influences on the life cycle of an individual through their birth horoscope.

This horoscope attempts to provide a concise account of the annual events likely to impact the life situation of an individual. People who follow rigorously their horoscope predictions for carrying out their routine tasks or undertaking new ventures use these as an important tool for decision making.
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