How You Can Control Someone With Vashikaran


It is important to share the real experience of life with you. We are trying not to make you a victim of superstition and you can decide yourself whether miracles and achievements are true and that those who claim to be achieved are truly perfect men or thugs.

In order to introduce you to both these facts, we sincerely hope that you will be able to understand the seriousness and necessity of these and make important decisions in your life.

Meeting the Siddha Yogi Swami Yogananda Ji and the experience we got while campaining to calm our curiosity, is not able to give in words, but this is an effort to make that unforgettable experience accessible to you.

In the last article, we mentioned about getting influenced by ourselves. But, how and under what circumstances it happened, it was a matter of surprise for us as well.

After making an appeal to Swamiji, he described the wonderful method of vashikaran, which is easy to achieve as well as an unlimited effect unless the sider himself frees the person under vashikaran.
But the misuse of this method or use for self-interest is prohibited, and if somebody did, he has to suffer the consequences.

What is the method of achieving vashikaran:

First of all, you know that vashikaran means to make the other person your own, that is, the person to whom the Vashikaran is used.

Swami Ji had made his vashikaran through the “Siddha Kunjika Stotram” mentioned in Durga Saptashati, so he gave us the secret. Infact, Kunjika stotram is the perfect mantra of the Saptashati chapter of the Stotram Markandey Purana, by which any desired object can be achieved.

What is the perfect key:

“om ain hreen kleen chaamundaayai vichche. om glau hun kleen joon sah, jvaalay jvaalay jval jval prajval prajval, ain hreen kleen chaamundaayai vichche jval han san lan kshan phat svaaha..”

You can call this perfect mantra as the mantra of saptashati. Other mantras of saptashati, like armour, rivet, Argal, etc., by chanting the same mantra on regular 108 times, you get great accomplishment. If you want to achieve this mantra in real, then awaken the source mantra and sit in a definite pedestal and chant one lakh fifty-one thousand times continuously. Note that during the mantra chant, you should be praying with a shear emotion and pronouncing in sharp tones with profound sincerity. The pronunciation should be completely accurate and should not be distracting in any form whatsoever.

After the accomplishment of this mantra, you will be compelled to chant the mantra 108 times by remembering whichever person on whom you want to use it.

Notice: Use the above accomplishment only for the good of the other otherwise the results will be extremely horrible.

In the next article, we’ll learn who is a genuinely proven male and who are thugs.



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