Astrological Remedies To Overcome Obstacles For Libra Zodiac Sign (Thula Raasi)


The ruling planet of Libra zodiac sign is Venus. Libra people are very entertaining and friendly. They are experts in making plans and executing the ideas. Though they always take care not to harm others, they like to be their own masters. They do everything within the law and cannot bear lies. They exhibit a responsible personality and are always ready to help others. They get spouses with good luck. Let us have a look at the remedies by which they can overcome the difficulties in life.

Measures To Be Taken For Peace and Happiness

By lighting the lamp of ghee daily in front of Maa Laxmi can help Libra people to maintain stability, progress, and happiness in life. This can bring prosperity and wealth in your life. Also, on Wednesday, plant a money plant in your house.

Measures To Overcome Problems In Married Life

Are you facing problems in your married life? Then the people of Libra zodiac sign should wrap a coconut in a red cloth and make it flow in the water on Tuesdays. This activity can help to eliminate the issues arising in your married life.

Measure To Getting Rid Of Debt

Are you a Libra person and are you drowned completely in debt? Then, during the Deepawali night and during Maa Laxmi pooja, place a garland of lotus seeds at the feet of Lordess Laxmi and after the pooja, keep this garland in your money locker. This can help you to overcome your money problems very soon.

Measures To Getting Success In Education

Try to feed wheat flour to ants daily and this can help you to get success. Also, wear a pink colored dress on Friday and apply perfume. This can help to gain success in the education sector for Libra people.

Wear this Gemstone

People of Libra sign should choose diamond if they are wearing gemstones, castor roots if they are wearing roots and six mudraksh if they are planning to wear rudraksh. This can strengthen the power of shukr grah (Venus) and you will get all luck related to this planet.



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