Do This On Ganesh Chaturthi For The Destruction Of Enemy Or Vashikaran Of Somebody


Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh removes obstacles, he is prayed first, new ventures won’t be successful without chanting his name and nothing can be done successfully against his wish.

Ganesh ji is also known as Vignharta and is also considered as an obstructor. On 25th August, the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh as Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated.

Atmosphere of happiness

There is an atmosphere of happiness and celebration all around. Like every time, this time also all are eager to place Lord Ganesha in his house. We hope that as usual, this time also Lord Ganesha come and take your sorrows away.
Good luck and profit

Ganesha is the god of good luck and profit, the astrologers say that during this time, if you worship him with the special mantras of Ganesha, then surely He will fulfill your wish.
Hindu religion

In Hindu religion, various forms of Ganesha are described. Worshiping His different forms in respective ways will surely lessen your sorrows.

Worship of White coloured Ganesh ji

While worshiping the White coloures Lord Ganesha, be sure to note that His face is towards the east direction. Place Him on a seat and wear him with red coloured dress and offer modak and chant the mantr “om ganapathayee namaha:” 21,51 or 108 times counting the beads of the maala. After completing every one round of the maala, pour ghee as offer on the fire.

Any problems in the family

If there is any problem in the family or delay in the marriage , the chant the mantra “om vakratundaay hun” with coriander maala. Apart from this, if you want to be bind someone by vashikaran, then use the rosary beads.
Count the beads of maala for 21 rounds

If you are worshiping Ganesha with this desire that He take all your miseries and troubles, then you should complete 21 rounds of counting the beads of the maala and chant the mantr of “Om Gan Glau Ganpataye Vighn Vinaashine Swaha”.
Wish to destroy the enemy

Ganesh ji can help you even if you wish for the destruction of enemy. Sit down beside the idol of Ganapati and chant “Hasti Pshaachi Likhe Swaha” and offer red sandal and red flowers to Ganapati.

Pooja of Shakti Vinayak Ganesh

Go to a potter’s house and bring the soil from his Patio and make a statue of Ganesha of size equal to the thumb size. Sit down in front of that idol and complete the 101 rounds of counting beads and chanting “om hreen green hreen” mantra.


Do complete daily 11 rounds of counting beads and chanting this mantra. You will be able to see the miracle yourself. By worshiping this form of Ganesha, one becomes powerful and the fear inside him will go away.


Chant the mantra”om shreen gan saumyaay varavarad sarvajanan mein vashamaanay swaha” and by offering 444 daily prayers, Lord Ganesha is certainly pleased. Do havan on Ganesh Chaturthi and complete 108 rounds of chanting beads of maala. It rescues a person trapped in debt.



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