Every Task Can Be Attained At Once By Shaabar Mantras


1. Perfect and self-acquired mantra

Shabbar Mantra is a self-acquired mantra from the colloquial language of villages, whose effect is accurate.

2. Influential for the individual

Shabbar mantra is not as difficult as classical mantras and it is effective for every class and every person who wants to take advantage of these mantras.

3. Attaining the Mantra

Even by a little chant this mantra can be attained and show great influence. The effect of this mantra is permanent and it is not possible to break this mantra by any other mantras.

4. Powerful mantra

But they can easily cut off the side effects of other powerful spells used by any person. Shaabar mantras are in simple language and are very easy to use.

5. Solution to the problems

The Shaabar mantra makes it easy to solve each problem. You can easily solve the problems of yourself, family, friends and others by using the mantra as per the appropriate method.

6. Shabbar mantra ‘ is also eternal

Similar to Vedic, mythological and Tantric mantras, ‘ Shabbar mantra ‘ is also eternal. The promoters of all the mantras are basically Lord Shankar, but Lord Shankar is not the promoter of shaabar mantra directly, yet those who made the invention of these mantras were the supreme Shiva devotee.

7. Father of the Shaabar system

Guru Gorakhnath and Guru Machhander Nath are the father of the Shaabar Tantra. With the influence of his means, his chanting, he is considered to be worthy of worship like Lord Shiva. These other mantras are worthy of the faith and reverence of the Promoter sages, revered and respectable.

8. Swear and curse and faith

Shabbar mantras are used for both ‘ swear and curse ‘ and ‘ faith and threat ‘. The seeker is also capable of saying everything to the deity and wants him to do everything for him.

9. Swearing is also effective

The special thing is that this ‘ swearing ‘ is also effective. Its not much time that that era has elapsed, when influence of swearing was surprising and effectual.

10. For unauthorized acts

In the Saamantshahi era, the people residing in the rural areas used to stop illegal activities for unauthorized acts, ordinarily, on the swearing of Thakur, cow or son etc. of the village.

11. Oath statement

The court, the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, the Legislative Assembly, today also has the practice of making a statement by taking the oath of God. Most people still do swear to give their assurance.

12. ‘ Oath ‘ of dieties

There was a memorable time when small tribes and even those who do the wrong things did not break the Oath. Today, it changed-oath do not have any significance for the people, but the gods and goddesses whose “oath” is administered in the mantra ‘ Shaabar ‘ are still the same.

13. Dishonesty has no effect on classical experiments

The dishonesty has not been affected on those gods. In classical experiments, the same type of oath does not remain, but in the Shabbar mantras they are forever like an immature child saying whatever comesin his mind to his parents angrily.

14. The seeker mantra of “shaabar” mantras

There is no treachery in him, and he knows that whatever he say to his parents, they will accomplish his needs. It is precisely this kind of belief that the shaabar mantra has towards the deity of the seeker mantras.

15. Faith-based honest emotion

Just as the short-lived, ignorant, immature child does not pay attention to the his caring and unconditional love of his parents, in the same way, the ultimate goal of practicing the Shaabar mantras in an honest manner on the basis of child-simplicity, intimacy and faith , acquires the achievement.

16. Mixed form of Tamil languages

Shaabar Mantra also shows the mixed form of Sanskrit-Hindi-malayalam-Kannada-Gujarati or Tamil languages or the inclusion of the rural style and imagination of pure regional languages. The ‘ Shaabar mantra ‘ is generally found in Hindi.

17. Only the name of guru

Each Shaabar mantra is complete in itself. The perfect men like Gorakhnath, Suleiman etc are the preceptorial rishis. In many mantras, their names are recited directly as Guru.

18. High role

Shabbar mantra is of particular importance in the non-classical form irrespective of their advantages and usefulness. Shabbar Mantra does not give a high role of knowledge, nor is the medium of liberation. These are only charity experiments.

19. Classical experiment

These mantras do not require any complicated methods such as appropriation, trust, reasoning, Havan, cleaning, purification etc. Yet, the ‘ Shaabar mantra ‘ is quick, reliable, good and accomplished in order to make peace, disease prevention and calming the spirits where classical experiments are not able to deliver any result immediately or reliably.

20. Important points of practice

The important points of Shabbar mantra practice: This meditation can be done by a male or female of any race, character, age. There is no need for Guru to practice these mantras because their promoters have been self-seekers.

21. Getting a guru makes the job easier

However, if a full-fledged faithful guru becomes or is found, it will be like icing on a cake and can any problems arising from this can easily be avoided. Do not practice hectic works without a guru.

22. Wool or blanket

At the time of spiritual practice, the routine deeds must be completed by wearing white or blood cloth, or like that explained in the acheivement mantra . Take a white, hemgonal or pentine of the posture wool or blanket, and once you sit in the Sukhaasan on the pedestal, complete the fixed number of chanting and wake up from the pedestal.

23. Sunshine can be used for any type of practice

In spiritual practice, the lamp of ghee or a sweet oil will burn on a table on which new clothes are laid, till the mantra is chanted. Incense Sticks or incense can be used in any way, but in Shabar mantra practice guggal or benzyl sticks or incense is considered to be important.

24. Full of faith

Offer flowers, pure water, according to your power. When the mood is full of enthusiasm and reverence, the mantra soon arises. Where direction is not directed, you should practice the east and the north towards the front. The West has a significance in Islamic practice.

25. Garland Special

Don’t face the south unless the directions are there. Where garland is not instructed, any garland can be used. The garlands of Tulsi, sandalwood, rudraksha, quartz are particularly effective. The Islamic Shaabar mantra uses the Garland of sepia or hatchet.

26. Maala with 108 beads

If there is no Garland, the psychonumeral garland can be used. As per rules, Mala should be of 108 beads. The speed of chanting should be moderate, not sharp. Devotion, reverence, faith are the perfect means of mantra.

27. Easy to achieve

Distrust, incomplete faith and unreverence will not bear fruit. The mantras are easily achieved, but the contrast is that while practicing these mantras, strange sounds are heard or scary potential appears.

28. Patience and courage

Therefore, patience and courage are essential in these sadanas. Don’t panic under any circumstances at the time of chanting. Nor leave the chanting and posture. Eat at one time in the Sadhana period and follow the celibacy.

29. Shabbar Mantra Practice

You can practice at any time in a day or night. Shaabar Mantra practice can be started from Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan, Dussehra, Ganga Dussehra, Shivratri, Holi, Deepawali, Sunday, Tuesday, Orokal, Surya Sankranti or Navratyas.

30. No change

Chant the mantra as it is, do not make any changes from your side. Take special care of the purity of pronunciation.

31. Banyan tree or chanting

Chant the mantra in a secluded room of the house, the temple, the river-pond-Cowshed, the banyan tree or the place directed at the chanting method. Remember the starting date-day of the spiritual practice.

32. Reawakening

Re-awaken the mantra every year in the same dates. Also do an offering (sacrificial fire) with at least one wreath chanting during Jagran. More chanting gives more success.



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