Has Vashikaran Happened To You Too ? Know About The Symptoms And Remedies


1. One truth

Do you want people around you to listen only to you, and those people who do not listen to you, to be constrained to hear you? Even if you do not reply to it, so that nobody can tell you are dominating, but we know that everyone wants others to obey them and keep in their control.

2. Husband-Wife

Especially in the relationship between lovers or husband-wife, it is certainly seen that both of them want their partners to obey them only, and completely under their control.

3. Proverb

There is a saying that “if ghee does not come straight through the finger, then the finger should be crooked”. Something similar happens in this case also. If the partner does not listen to him/her, then they try the method of vashikaran.

4. Vashikaran

But this work is not so easy, making someone to do works according to your wish after taking control of them, is a stupid kheer. This requires the assistance of a specialist and how successful the vashikaran will be, depends on the person whose help you are taking.

5. Big help

Vashikaran can be positive too, for example, Vashikaran can be a great help to attract a strayed spouse to save your married life. But sometimes the result may be bad too, then it becomes necessary to identify the vashikaran and find ways to break it.

6. The break

Today, we are going to tell you that if somebody has done vashikaran on you, then how can you break it, and how can you overcome the bond of vashikaran.

7. Trouble with family

If someone close to you is having trouble with his family , as he is under the influence of some other’s vashikaran, then take a lemon and beat it 21 times on his head. After that put the lemon on the crossroads and come back home. Do not turn backward to look at that lemon.

8. New moon or full moon

The greatest identity of being bound in vashikaran is that the person becomes restlessness on the night of the new moon or full moon. If this is happening then mix yellow mustard, goggle, cloves and cow’s ghee, and burn it on the cow’s shed after sunset.

9. Gomati Chakra

If you feel that the behavior of a member of your household has suddenly changed, then on any Wednesday of the Shukla paksh, throw four Gomti Chakra from the head in four directions.

10. Sick from the day he came

If a member of a household remains ill or sick from the day he came, then bring the white orchid plant in the house. If possible, bind the roots of this plant to his neck.

11. Rose flower

If you or any member of the house keeps thinking about a person all the time, only focusing on him, then after offering seven rose flowers to Mahakali, chant the ‘rn hreen mantr’ and feed that person with 7 petals of a single rose flower.

12. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

If a member of a household is starting to believe in a certain person without any doubt, then he is certainly trapped in that person’s vashikaran. In such a situation, you put sindoor on a lemon and pray to Lord Bhuvneshwari and chant “om hreen om “ mantra for 108 times. Then take a round around the house with this and go to the roof and cut it into four pieces and throw them in every directions.

13. Too much anger

If someone is getting too angry, then go to the temple of Lord Hanuman with iron, sulfur, rye and black pepper on Saturday and circle it on his statue seven times and give it to the concerned person to keep for a few days. Later, burn it along with the cow’s pellet.

14. Nightmares

If you or any other member have nightmares, then tie gorochan in a red cloth and keep it at the place of worship. A few days after doing this, miraculous effect will start to appear.

15. Mentally unstable

If a person seems to be mentally unstable, then make Javitri, Gayatri Kesar, Goggil and make a lamp with it and light this lamp in the morning and evening for 21 consecutive days. This will prove to be effective.

16.  Solution

These measures will give you freedom from the bondage of vashikaran. Be sure to recognize the noticing the symptoms.



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