How To Save Breaking Relationship Due To Extra Marital Affairs


Relationship between husband and wife lies on the foundation of love and faith, so if anyone loose the steps, the relationship reaches the brink of collapse. Many times it happens that, despite having a lot of love for each other, married couples get separated, because there are some thirds among them.

Astrology considers it a shadow of a bad eye on the relationship, in such a way, the relationship can be saved by eliminating the effect of that third by doing a certain special kind of worship. If your marriage has reached the brink of ending due to the entrance of husband and wife and the other person in your marital relationship, then the worship methods mentioned further can be effective for you.

Vashikaran Mantra

This is the Vashikaran mantra of Guru Gorakhnath. It is used by a special worship method. If a spouse is in an extra-marital affair, the other person should take this step, like if husband is in affair, then wife should do this and if wife is in affair then husband should do this.
Mixing fish egg in the cow’s urine, chant 1008 times by saying “Om kaam malini taha taha swaha”. Apply it on your forehead every day like Tilak. If your partner is in the extra-marital affair, then gradually it will end and you will have the same old charm back between you.

To fix a broken relationship

om namo bhagavate rudraay e
drshti lekhi naahar : svaaha,
duhaee kansaasur kee joot-joot,
phuro mantr eeshvaro vaacha..

This mantra is used mainly to bring back the lost people, but husbands can also use it to get their partner back. You have to use this for 11 days. Gradually you will feel the positive change coming towards your partner yourself.
All you have to do is to take care that your partner wear the mantra accustomed dress. It may look a bit awkward in hearing but it is very easy to do.

Get the clothes of your partner that he / she is going to wear on that day and accustom it with the mantra. Make sure your partner wear the same clothes that day.

Like if you want to do this to get your husband back, then take a shirt of him. “om namo bhagavate rudraay e drshti lekhi naahar : svaaha, duhaee kansaasur kee joot-joot ,phuro mantr eeshvaro vaacha.” Accustom the shirt chanting this mantra for 108times. Keep in mind that your husband goes out wearing the same shirt that day. Like wise if you want to get back your wife, take her sari or duppatta or any of her dresses she is going to wear that day and chant the above mentioned mantra for 108 times and accustom it. Continuing this experiment for 11 days, you will feel that the stretch between your relationship has started decreasing and you are getting closer to the two of you. If there is a tension in your relationship because of any third, then surely it will go away. In this way, the relationship reached to the divorce can also be saved.



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