Know About The Diseases That Each Planet Can Cause and Its Remedy


Know About The Diseases That Each Planet Can Cause and Its Remedy

It is necessary to know the role of planets in astrology. According to astrology, a person’s current life is ruled by the planet in his horoscope at present. Astrology planets and signs influence a person a lot. If the horoscope has a weak planet or the planet is affected by the evil eye of another planet, then that person has to suffer all kinds of problems related to that planet. Let us have a look upon the planets and the diseases and troubles (doshas) they can cause. By knowing this and the related remedies, one can overcome the ill effects. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the 9 planets (Navagrahas) in astrology.

Role of The Sun (Surya)

The Sun is the head of all the planets. At certain periods, the presence of Sun in your horoscope can bring danger too. The disgrace of the Sun can lead to heart diseases, stomach disorders, money loss, debt, false charges, etc. Worshiping Sun God is the best remedy for this despair. For this, worship Lord Vishnu and recite Harivansh Purana. Donating wheat, jaggery and copper can also help to avoid the malfunctions.

Role of The Moon (Chandra)

The presence of the moon is not considered to be a good period. Moon is considered to be weak or afflicted in one’s horoscope. Its presence can cause mental stress, anxiety, lung diseases, a mother’s illness, and financial troubles. To get out of this disgrace, people should worship their clan deities and Lord Shiva. Also, chant Namah Sivaya Mantra and Mahamrithyunjaya. Donating rice, milk and silver can also help to get rid of these ill effects.

Role of Mars (Mangal)

The presence of Mars in one’s horoscope can lead to diseases related to lungs, lips, and blood. To escape from the disgrace of Mangal, the person should worship Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Reciting the Gayathri mantra can also help. Offer and distribute Prasad in the Hanuman temple. Donate lentils and red moong dal.

Role of Mercury (Budh)

The disgrace of mercury can lead to nervous diseases and dental disorders. To get rid of this ill effect, worship Maa Durga and recite Durga Saptashati. Donate whole moong dal.

Role of Jupiter (Guru)

Guru can cause physical problems like throat diseases, obesity, and loss of a son. Worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma as well as reciting Harivansh Purana can help to lessen the ill effect to a certain extent. Donate chana dal or gold.

Role of Venus (Shukra)

Venus can cause economic as well as genital problems. Worship Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth can help to prevent these troubles. Do social services to the people who are in need. Donate ghee, camphor, curd, and pearls.

Role of Saturn (Shani)

Shani doshas can lead to eye diseases, fire accidents, children with disabilities, etc. Worship Lord Shani and Bhairav dev to get rid of these doshas. Donate iron and black urad.

Role of Rahu

Rahu dosha can lead to diseases like mental problems and tuberculosis. It can also cause head injury or being a victim of authorities’ anger. Worship Devi Saraswathi to get rid of this. Remedial measures include helping poor parents for their daughter’s marriage and donating mustard and sapphire.

Role of Ketu

Ketu dosha can make the person a victim of betrayal. It can also cause diseases like knee pain and urinary infections. Worshipping Lord Ganesha can help a lot. Donate white or brown colored cow and sesame seeds.



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