Merits and De-merits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam Ratna)


Blue Sapphire Gemstone is rare, precious and durable. In astrology, Neelam Ratna is considered to be the gemstone of the powerful Karmic planet Saturn (Shani). The blue sapphire power produces instant impacts. At a good time period, it can make a man from poor to the king and at a bad time period, it can make even a king to a beggar at the very next moment. Hence, do not ignore the blue sapphire side effects and wear it only after a thorough examination. Let us take a look upon 7 things that can happen with people while wearing this Neelam gemstone.

1. The effects of the blue sapphire gemstones are visible instantly. If this gem is not favorable for you, and won’t give you a positive effect, then your eyes will start to pain.

2. A negative effect of this gemstone can cause you a victim of an accident and suffer physical injury.

3. If the blue sapphire gemstone happens to be unlucky, then the wearer will immediately face financial loss.

4. You will start to see bad and horror dreams if the gemstone happens to be unfavorable for you.

5. If you were suffering from any health issues, then wearing this gemstone (only if it is favorable for you) will show an immediate heal and relief from the ailment.

6. The positive effect of the blue sapphire gemstone can provide you financial benefits. You can feel an immediate growth in your job and business.

7. The Neelam gem is suitable for you if you don’t happen to go through any negative impacts after wearing it.



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