How Does Mangal Dosh Affect Married Life? Know The Remedies

The negative impact of Mangal (Mars) can affect one’s married life. Mangal dosha is directly connected to married life.

Cause of Mangal Dosh

There is an astrological reason behind the problems that mangal dosha is creating in one’s life for their marriage. People with mangal dosha usually find it difficult to find a bride/ groom with a matching horoscope. It is because Mars is an energetic planet and it liked to stay alone. Therefore, whenever another planet comes near it, it finds difficult to get in coordination with them. This creates a problem for marriage for those people who are directly under the impact of Mars (Mangal).

Effects Of Mangal Dosh

Mangal dosh affects the marital sphere of a person’s life. Due to this dosha, the marriage can get delayed, marriage can break and even if they got married and decides to go along, there will be a lack of harmony or coordination in their life. This points to the fact that Mars is present in the seventh house in the horoscope of that person. The seventh house signifies the marriage or post-marital life. So, the presence of Mars in that particular house depicts the mismatching, conflict, tension, quarrel, divorce, etc, between the couples.

How To Prevent Mangal Dosha

It is evident that mangal dosha is due to the presence of Mars and hence measures have to be taken to please the planet mars. Look at some of the measures to prevent this dosha. Try to be on fasting on all Tuesdays. Wear red color dresses on Tuesday. Offer red vermillion and Bundi(a special snack made from gram flour) to Hanuman temple. Also, recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand at the time of worship on Tuesdays. Follow the advice of a good astrologer and wear three-faced Rudraksha or coral gemstone.



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