Since ancient times the Vedic Pooja is being performed to get blessings of the almighty God. It is performed when any kind of new venture is started. To please God, to get all success in that particular venture whether it is in person or the professional field, such pujas are done. It is the ritual which is followed since the ages. According to the scholars of Astrology, it is solemnized to get rid of all types of negative and evil powers.

Navagraha Puja Tips: Consult Guruji

As in astrology, all the planets have their influence on every person’s life related to both personal and professional fields. And hence, in this Puja, all the planets are worshiped to attain positive vibrations from them and to achieve all success and prosperity. Usually, Astrology Puja is performed during Marriage, Grah-Pravesh (house warming), child’s birth, during the start of new business and profession and many other new types of ventures. The worshiping of all the planets is done to avoid the negative effects and that Puja is known as Nava Graha Puja in the astrology. There are nine planets in the universe at different positions and directions which particularly depicts some meaning and significance. Each one of them tribute special and different kind of impact on every living thing. Every event happening in a human being will be under the influence of the respective planet that is in their horoscope at that period.

Astrology Puja is the prayer or the ritual performed in the Hindu culture since the ancient times to please the deities to get the blessings for the new ventures going to be started in life. It is also described as spiritually celebrating a particular event. It is also a process to honor the elder ones who have passed away. There are different types of Pujas in Hinduism which are performed according to the events and according to the wishes. They have performed at different occasions also, though the main motive to perform Pooja is to gain the grace of his holiness God.

Online Puja At Your Finger Tips: Consult Guruji

Today in the scientific world we have the privilege of Online Pooja. Any kind of Pooja and to fulfill any kind of wish, it is most important that the proper procedure and proper way should be known. It is advised that everybody should take the help of a priest, astrologer or a person who is well versed in the same task. Whether the person is performing it physically or he is getting the help of Online Puja services and the accuracy is the main concern. As there are different types of Pujas and every puja has its process to be performed, the main purpose of it is to seek blessings of the deities (God). So in some procedures, the prayers are sung and in some procedures, particular Hymns are to be recited and there are particular ways to perform the puja. So it is necessary to take the help of a person who has the complete knowledge and the qualities to perform. So to fulfill all your dreams come true and to get all sorts of your wishes fulfilled Guruji is the person who has all the expertise and the intellect to perform all types of the pujas most accurately and the definite results are attained.

More About Vedic Puja Technique

People always want to achieve wealth, health, knowledge, prosperity and peace. Various puja methods for particular occasions had been informed by Vedas. A well trained and intellectual astrologer or priests can help us to get the benefits of these rituals through their refined performance. Guruji is one of the best people who are available to help us with this. He is always available over the phone and also responds to all inquiries online. A lot of people in India as well as abroad, make use of his service. He also helps people staying in foreign countries to perform these rituals in their available circumstances. Guruji is providing effective services for all types of pujas like business puja, festival puja, marriage puja, Grah Shanti Puja, Navratri Puja, yagyas and all types of personal pujas.

Vedic puja is a type of energy bathing. After performing this practice, you will feel a special type of rejuvenation like you are filled with a lot of positive energy and more active. This can expel all kinds of negative elements from your body and life. A clean body and calm mind are necessary to sit for this puja. Special attention is to be taken for this. Fasting is a good way to be for the puja (not mandatory). You can feel a kind of reverberation and positive energy flow right in the middle of puja itself. Navgraha pujas can help you to please all planets and make them shower a positive impact upon you.


1. Do you provide the procedures of Vedic Puja over the phone?

Yes, we do. Guruji answers all phone calls and gives the needed practices they need to perform or conduct.

2. Is Vedic Puja reliable?

Absolutely. It is reliable. You can experience the change in between the puja itself. You can feel how negative energies are departing your body.

3. Do you do Nava Graha Puja?

Yes, we do. You can contact us over the phone or come in person and we can provide you the details.



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