Om Namah Sivayah


To control spirit – to pray spirit – to pray evil and good spirit. Spirit wants people to control it by attracting it. It also wants to do the divine miracles and wants people to know and obey it. In a forest, look for Khejadi tree – and there, in the night, from 11.30 am to 1 p.m. in the middle of a big fat lamp, by worshiping the panchopachar, chant 11 malas daily. If you do any spirit vashikaran mantra for 41 days, that spirit will start doing things for you and also do those things which are only in your mind. If you do not succeed at one time, then you do it 4 or 5 times. Take advice from your mentor whom you believe or in his presence take two or three people to do this.This tree is in the woods, there are no powers in the trees growing in the house trees. Do smoke it daily and offer liquor daily but make sure the smoke is of guuggal only. Don’t take anybody else. Do it in your responsibility.

Vanaspathi (Plant) Thanthra

There are many rare plants whose duly use can benefit the person in their daily life. We will provide you with information about some such plants today.

1. Shvetark mudar (white Akaw)

– Wearing the root of white akaw in an amulet during the ravi-pushya or guru-pushya nakshathra, around the neck is very beneficial in enemy combat.
-Keeping the root of white akwa,put on with sindoor, in the pooja room during ravi-pushya or guru-pushya nakshatra and praying regularly can maintain the happiness and prosperity of the home and keep the home free from all crisis.
– It has been believed that the Lord Ganesha stays in the roots of the white akwa. Growing white akwa plant in the house can keep the blessings of the Lord Ganesha always on the house and helps to keep the home free from all external obstacles.

2. Fig

Wearing the root of the fig tree, around the neck, in a gold amulet, during ravi-pushya or guru-pushya nakshatra, is very helpful in achieving Lakshmi.

Keeping the root of the fig tree at the pooja room, during ravi-pushya or guru-pushya nakshathra and worshipping regularly keeps the grace of Lakshmi always and the house remains free of economic crisis.

3. Ashok

Wearing the leaf of ashoka tree on head , helps in winning court cases.
The person living in that house will be free from enemy obstacles, where there is an asoka tree at the main gate.

4. Jasmine

Wearing the root of jasmine plant around the neck, in an amulet during ravi-pushya or guru pushya nakshatra is very helpful in possessing someone.
If you debate, keeping the root of the jasmine plant in your mouth, nobody will be counter act to your answers.

5. Aparajita

Growing the aparajitha vines at the main door of the house will help the important person of the house to possess and control all others of the house. This is also a type of strong vashikaran.

Rules for plant extract

It is important to follow some rules before digging the roots of such plants.
1 day before digging out the plant, invite it by offering yellow rice to it and do pooja according to the panchopachar practice.

Always remove the plant or root during recommended time or auspicious time.
Take the plant or root that is growing in a clean and serene atmosphere.
Do not dig out or pluck plant or root from temple, roadsides, cemetry or dirty places.
While taking the plant or root, always do care that no harm is done to the plant and always take less amount of roots.
While digging roots, do not use metal weapons. Always use wooden ones.
After digging out the root, wash it in cold water and dry in a shade, before using it.



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