What Is Vastu Shastra!! Get To Know More

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science to build and construct each and everything from one room to a whole city. It is a state of the art which enables to protect that particular building whether it is a house or a temple or any place which is meant to live or to work from the negative effects of the natural energies and to attain all the benefits and the positive aspects from them for the benefit of the occupants of that particular building and the building itself.

Here comes the significance of Vastu Shastra. What is Vastu Shastra? It can be said it is the combination of architect and the astrology. Vaastu Shastra is the excellence of taking all the energies from all the natural elements and making them able for the human to take all the advantages from them and securing them from their negative impacts and making that particular place favorable from all the aspects to living or to work. It’s the best way out of balancing the man and the material.

Know More About Vastu Shastra For Home

Vastu Shastra for home is a science of architecture to construct your home with the positive vibes from nature to go your way, without harming you, with the consent of natural powers. It is also the most helpful tool in creating the environment of your living place according to the natural energies and to make them able to bring peace, happiness, and harmony for you. The places which are cosmic energies friendly bless the occupants of those places with health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

When a new house is to be constructed, the experts of the Vaastu Shastra consider many things. For example; size and direction of the plot, its location and shape and the astrological impacts of the owner according to his horoscope. The rotational cycle of the planets also cast its influence on the building constructed, so the effects are considered to be positive or beneficial for the people and families going to occupy that premise. With the help of the Vastu specialist, the effect can be transformed into a positive way for the well being of the building and its occupants. It has a great impact on the health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of the family. According to the Vastu Shastra, it is known as the science of the directions. All the directions play a vital role and effect on the human lives and the place where two directions are combined are considered to be more powerful as the forces from the two directions unite and it is more effective. The experts provide different tips in Vastu Shastra for house considering the different places in the house like:

-Vastu for the children’s room.

– Vastu for the guest room.

– Vastu for the kitchen.

– Vastu for the Pooja room.

– Vastu for bathrooms.

– Vastu for bedrooms, dining room, living room, storeroom, etc.

According to the Vastu Shastra, all the individual rooms should be constructed at a particular place, the direction the size of the particular place also matters of concern. The tips for the different types of buildings as the purpose of the buildings also vary.

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu for bedrooms is very important because it affects the prosperity and health of the house owner. If you are constructing your house according to Vastu Shastra, they should definitely give the correct position of the bedroom that Vastu Shastra suggests. Accordingly, the south-west direction is considered to be the best place for a bedroom. This can bring lots of good health, prosperity and wealth as well as longevity for the owner. Also, avoid a bedroom in the northeast and southeast direction of the house. Kids’ bedrooms can be arranged in the northwest zone of the house.

Vastu For Kitchen

The kitchen is an inevitable part of a house. It is an unavoidable place, especially for the ladies. The zone that keeps the members alive, that is providing energy and nutrition for the members. Hence Vastu for the kitchen is undeniable for the survival of the family. According to Vastu Shastra, the southeast corner or northwest zone is ideal for the kitchen.

Vastu for office

Are you looking for constructing an office room? An office must make the employees feel fresh and more productive. Harmony at work is necessary for an ideal office. So an office space must fulfill all such requirements for smooth functioning and growth of the office. Usually, north, north-east and north-west directions are the best to bring good fortune and positive energy to the office.

Vastu for Shops is also equally important to avoid bad luck and any loss in the business. According to Vastu Shastra, the owner of the shop must sit in the south or west so that he can face east or north direction. Also, the plot of the shop must be in a particular shape like a square or rectangle and avoid any extensions in the wrong direction.

Vastu Is Inevitable: Consult Guruji

All are happy to lead a peaceful and tension-free life. Any problems with the family and career can literally break a person. Hence people are very keen to avoid any flaws in any area so that they can avoid any negativity or unluck falling upon them or their family. Home and family is an integral part of a person. Hence it is important to take preventive measures against any accidents that can occur upon them. So the Vastu home is necessary to follow and that also under the supervision and advice of an experienced and knowledgeable person like Guruji. Guruji had been providing solutions for all Vastu related problems. It is important to get advice from an expert Vastu consultant like Guruji, either before or after plotting the plan of the house or building you are about to construct, to avoid any future difficulties. Following proper Vastu Shastra can help you to gain more health, wealth and prosperity.


1. What is the importance of Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the astrology of houses and buildings. A house or office is meant to bring you happiness and prosperity for a peaceful life. Hence, to keep everything in harmony and avoid any negativity for your family and office, it is necessary to follow Vastu Shastra’s rules.

2. Do you provide solutions for Vastu doubts over the phone?

Yes, Of Course. Guruji answers all the inquiries over the phone and gives proper solutions.

3. Is Vastu Shastra a reliable method to know about the doshas in a home?

Yes, it is. If you are suffering frequently from many major issues in your home, then it is necessary to check the Vastu and get a solution for any issues that are present. This can bring in harmony, peace and prosperity.



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