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The Mars Planet – The Igniting Source of Action

The planet Mars, which is also termed as a cosmic go getter by many of the astrologers, is known to give the will to act and to achieve what is dreamed for. As per the ancient Greeks, who laid a very strong foundation to the theory of astrology, the planet Mars is always known as the Ares god. Ares was known to be a fearsome deity and he was known as the god of war and agriculture.

What does the planet Mars symbolize?

The Mars planet is also called as the red planet as it is associated with masculine things like fighting or sports. The landscape of the planet is red with orange ochre. In men, the planet mars is known to affect the sense of personal power and virility as well. This symbolizes the will to act rather than reacting to things which happen in life. This planet also helps in creating the impulse to fight against obstacles and to make things happen. This is seen in both men and women. This planet is known to have its influence over the ambitions of a person, sexual desires, passion, discipline of a person, motives people, the energy levels in a person and the anger.

The planet Mars & Romance

The Mars planet also has a very crucial role to play in romantic life of a person. As per the mythic romance of the Greeks, Mars and Venus were known to be great lovers. In romance, Mars is known to be the one in pursuit and Venus was always the object of desire. Mars is known to provide that sparks of sexual tension which helps in building those ecstatic heights. Unlike other planets in astrology, Mars is known to embolden us and the lessons taught by it teach us to direct the anger in the right way.

Effect of Mars in Birth Chart

Mars is known to be the igniting source of action and is known to create that extra force which is needed to generate the personal momentum which is needed to achieve the goals and desires. This planet also helps in taking risks and makes a stand for you and is also known to defend the helpless. Every person who is a Mars behaves quite differently and this entirely depends on the zodiac sign and the placing of the planet as well and also its combinations with the other planets. Every person who has a Mars sign also has few things in common. The people are known to have lots of anger and are also known to be violent. They also stir up trouble when their thoughts or feelings are repressed. When the planet Mars is in conflict with other planets in the birth chart, the person might have some anger issues and this can also lead to violent behavior at times. The best example for this Adolf Hitler, who has the planet Mars conflicting with the planet Saturn in this birth chart. It is said that it is very easy to master a person if his Mars nature is understood.